Rumble in the Rockies 2014 Caters to Automotive Connoisseurs

rumble in the rockies 2014 ignition events paul shippey
(by Ignition Events)

Do you own an exotic or sports car and don’t get enough opportunities to exercise it to its full potential and learn performance driving? Fear not. The recently formed Ignition Events is putting on its inaugural Rumble in the Rockies 2014 to give owners of these cars the chance to push them to their limits.

Paul Shippey and Justin Wilson recently teamed-up to form Ignition, an event company that aims to produce high-end, exclusive driving events, starting out with this year’s Colorado drive. Rumble In The Rockies will be the inaugural event, which runs September 2nd through 4th, 2014.

“Our goal is to offer a two-day driving experience for owners of exotic and rare cars unlike any other,” says Shippey. “Rumble In The Rockies will provide participants the chance to drive some fantastic mountain roads, mingle with celebrity drivers, enjoy fine dining and conversation, and then an opportunity to learn some performance and track driving skills from some of the fastest racing drivers on the planet.”

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Indy car star Justin Wilson shared his thoughts saying, “I am really excited to partner up with Paul to create Ignition. We both have a passion for cars, driving and motorsports and want to share that passion with others. This event will give our guests the opportunity to experience that and it is our aim to provide the most enjoyable event possible.”

The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs will play host to the event participants with scenic mountain driving and Pueblo Raceway lapping make up the core of the experience. Get pricing and all the details at the Rumble in the Rockies site.

It’s fun to drive an Audi R8 on public roads, but you appreciate the car so much more after you take it to a race track and get driving tips from professional racers and instructors. TFLcar was fortunate to do just that two years ago, and it made for a very rewarding experience.