2014 Scion tC: Hatch Hauls a Heavyweight [First Impression]

Scion-tC-FrontI’m sure that the designers at Scion were thinking that the trunk of the tC would be used to haul groceries, duffel bags, maybe some sporting equipment…the usual. I highly doubt they expected someone to haul around an off road racing wheel and tire, yet that is just what I’m doing this week.

Hatchbacks are becoming increasingly rare in America, but Scion knows the kids like the hatch. The tC looks great, with a distinctive lightening bolt design incorporated into  the headlamps, wheels that look like they were inspired by Spiderman, and painted in Absolute Red…or what we like to call Pull Me Over, Please.

The hatch offers 14.7 cubic feet of space, more than enough for the 37 pound, 33″x 10.5″ off road tire with a 15″ beadlock wheel that I destroyed at a race in Barstow.


My test model also has the six speed manual transmission and a thick, slightly flat bottomed steering wheel, both good enough to inspire the Speed Racer in you.

I’ve been having a great time in the tC this week. Look for a full review coming soon! Until then, check out this video of the 2014 Scion tC going head to head with the 2014 FR-S:


Emme Hall tflcarEmme is a driver, reviewer, and rabble rouser. She is the principle driver and trophy winner for the Mega Monkey Motorsports™ 2 seat 1600 desert racer, powered by an air-cooled VW engine and has also been on the podium in a stock bug, a trophy bug, and an ultra-4. She is one of only 17 American women to have participated in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles, a 9 day all female off road rally in Morocco with no GPS. You can check her out online on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and either one of her blogs.