2014 Ford Fiesta ST Review: More Smiles Per Mile [Video]

Fiesta ST

In the world of hot hatchbacks, even in the United States, there is some stiff competition. The Volkswagen GTI has long been the king, but lately other companies decided to get into the fight. Even Ford with the Focus ST tries to steal some of the VW pie. Ford sells an even smaller hot hatchback, the Fiesta ST, and Emme gives it a full review to see if you should buy it!

Fast, small cars can be quite fun. They’re even more fun because you can drive them harder at slower speeds, getting more enjoyment out of the driving experience. The Fiesta doles out the fun in spades, with a great engine note to boot! Sure, the $25,000 Ford Fiesta ST isn’t perfect, but it does tick a lot of the right boxes for a fun, everyday car.

Watch Emme review the Fiesta ST below. Agree or disagree? Sound off in the comments!

Chad Kirchner

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