Video: Automated Ford Fusion Hybrid to Assist Human Driver

ford fusion hybrid lidar automated driving

The just revealed Automated Ford Fusion Hybrid looks like it has sprouted a pair of spinning horns. But the spinning horns are in fact four LiDAR infrared sensors that can scan the surroundings 2.5 million times every second creating a viral map for the car. According to Ford, this is the next step toward autonomous driving cars, and not the final product.  The interim goal is to have this technology aid the human driver. This third generation of potentially driverless cars is a test bed of new innovations that Ford says you’ll soon see in many of their new cars.  First example of which is the self parking feature announced for the 2015 Ford Edge.

In another accurate and informative TFLcar video check out the latest efforts by Ford to build a safer and perhaps self-driving car.