Audi’s Post Prototype A3 E-Tron Hybrid Rolls in at the Geneva Motor show


audi a3 hybrid plugin etron tron
This is the Audi A3 E-Tron Hybrid. “E-Tron” is a cool name.

Audi brings us the A3 E-Tron Hybrid at the Geneva Motor show, it looks like the real deal.

In a highly competitive market of hybrids from nearly every manufacture, its exciting to see Audi getting into the game. The 2013 Geneva Motor Show is the place where Audi will show off their version of an environmentally friendly gas sipper. The A3 e-tron plug-in gas electric hybrid promises to be not only efficient but also quite a fun drive. It’s encouraging that Audi has not labeled the A3 e-tron a “concept car”, although no information has been released about its production plans.

The plug-in drive train packs a pretty good punch.  A3’s total system power ratings comes in at 204hp and 258 lb-ft, which will have a feel of performance and sportiness. The e-tron sprints to 60 mph in 7.6 seconds and tops out at 137mph. In all electric mode the top speed is 80mph  with a maximum range of 31 miles.

audi a3 hybrid plugin dash gauges

The fuel burning engine is a slightly modified 1.4L 4cyl TFSI making 150hp. A disc shaped electric motor is mated to the engine using a clutch matched to a new six-speed e-S tronic transmission sending power to the front wheels.  Audi has built the A3 e-tron to be driven with a choice of either the gas engine or just the electric motor. Another feature is both power plants can be engaged at the same time. But when the accelerator is lifted, both motors turn off eliminating the braking torque of the gas engine increasing efficiency.

At the 2013 Geneva Auto Show the A3 e-tron is giving us a peek into the future of the Audi brand.  By  combining the modern plug-in technology with sportiness, power, and expected fun factor, the heart of the Audi brand is more exciting then ever before.

audi a3 hybrid electric hidden plug
Hidden behind the four rings is the electric plug

We sure hope that Audi produces the e-tron and also brings it to the North American market.  We would like the next Audi S3 as well.  Audi also has a very strong efficient diesel TDI lineup.  Watch this TFLcar insider video where Audi reveals an extended 2013 TDI model ranges.