Top 5 Best Sounding Cars TFLcar has Tested Recently (Raw and Unedited video)

Top 5 Best Sounding Cars
Top 5 Best Sounding Cars

We’ve been very lucky at TFLcar over the last 365 days to test and review some really fantastic cars.

But some cars of course are just more fantastic than others…especially when it comes to engine note.

The engine, after all, is the heart and some might even say the soul of a car.

So the sound that an engine makes becomes the very public heartbeat of a car.

In this video we’ve put together the Top 5 best sounding cars with the best engine note that we’ve tested this year and of course we’ve kept it as much as possible raw and unedited.

No commentary, no talking, just the pure sound, the very pure heartbeat of the best sounding cars we’ve been lucky enough to drive over the last 365 days.

Editor’s note: Sound is a HUGE part of a vehicle’s appeal. Recently a scientific study was done on engine note and human arousal. The current model Maserati Qattroporte was considered the most effective of all of the vehicles tested. Before you scoff at the findings, have you listened to a  Maserati Qattroporte or a Maserati Qattroporte S?

It makes my knees shake. I feel like one of those screaming fans of the Beatles back in the early 1960s.