2013 KIA Soul: What Stuff Fits?

2013 KIA Soul: What Stuff Fits?

The 2013 KIA Soul is an urban/suburban run-around car that many buyers use to haul people and stuff.

In fact the boxy KIA is not only funky but very roomy with 19.3 cubic feet of storage room with the back seats up and 53.4 cubic feet of space with the rear seats folded down.

That’s a lot of room to haul people and stuff.

Of course we wanted to know just how much stuff.

In this latest video review we crammed the Kia Soul with gear to find out just what stuff fits?

BTW: If you are interested in a complete review of this 2013 KIA Soul…you can find it HERE.

Editor’s note: The KIA Soul is one of our favorite KIAs. Several writers associated with The Fast Lane Car have had lots of positive feedback with their Soul experience.

The odd thing is: KIA (and Hyundai) never invite members of The Fast Lane Car to any of their press events. That’s a shame really, we like youthful vehicles and good design, something both Korean automakers possess. Until we do participate in new vehicle launches, we will continue to bring you the most updated info on KIA and Hyundai that’s available to us.

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