The Sexy Girls, Cars and Stars of SEMA 2012 – Day Two

sema 2012 girls cars stars

For The Sexy Girls, Cars and Stars of SEMA 2012 – Day Two, TFLcar brings you highlights from last night’s Global Rallycross Championship (GRC), as well as more treats from the show floor.  Today’s pictures focus on some of the most amazing vehicles at SEMA 2012, including a Russian-built zombie killer, and the roofless Torco-built Scion FR-S concept shown below.

You can check out the highlights of Day 1 HERE  and also Day 3 HERE.

SEMA 2012 - Day Two girls cars stars
Torco-built Scion FR-S


SEMA 2012 - Day Two ken block GRC
Ken Block discusses his Fiesta’s setup with his crew during a break at the 2012 GRC.


SEMA 2012 - Day Two tanner foust GRC
Tanner Foust pauses after finishing the first round of the 2012 GRC. He went on to win the event later that evening.


SEMA 2012 - Day Two girls cars stars
“El Jefe” was one of the first vehicles to traverse North America in its entirety, successfully running from Chile to Alaska via the Darien Gap.


SEMA 2012 - Day Two ford ecoboost
Ford’s 1.0-L Eco Boost three-cylinder engine. Warning: Engine in picture is in fact even smaller than it appears. (Really, the 1.6-L dwarfed it)


sema 2012 girls cars starts sexy kenda mclaren slr
Sexy Kenda Girl of SEMA 2012
SEMA 2012 - Day Two toyota hilux diesel
Lifted Toyota Hilux with the amazing 3.0-L diesel engine. We wish this incredible truck would be offered stateside.


SEMA 2012 - Day Two hyundai veloster
The Hyundai Veloster already turns heads in stock form. When modified with a paint scheme and aero kit such as this, it gets even better looking.


SEMA 2012 - Day Two honda accord coupe
Modified 2013 Honda Accord Coupe. Does it not look almost exactly like a Porsche 997 GT3 RS? We like it quite a bit.


SEMA 2012 - Day Two russian kombat t-98
The Russian-built Kombat T-98 has been dubbed the perfect vehicle to take on a zombie apocalypse. And if not zombies, it definitely has the bravado to run over other things, too.


SEMA 2012 - Day Two nissan gtr direct lift
Direct Lift company shows off their equipment by raising a Nissan GTR high above the show floor.


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