Video: Supercharged Lexus CT 200h hybrid will tear your arms off with 300 HP


Who says that front-wheel drive hybrids have to sip gas and cuddle the earth?

Check out this video of Fox Marketing’s customized and supercharged Lexus CT 200h hybrid that easily gets over 300 HP, and what’s even more amazing…better fuel economy that the factory car.

For just about $60K Fox Marketing also added huge 20-inch wheels that feature offset 225/30-series tires at the front of the killer hybrid Lexus and 255/30s at the back and parked this beast at the Lexus display at the New York Auto Show.

Perhaps the coolest part of the car, besides the supercharger, is the metallic burnt orange paint and the wide stance body kit that screams this ain’t your Granada’s Lexus.

Inside the car there are also Yonaka racing seats, and LED Lexus logos to remind you that this is a Lexus after all.

Now if only Fox Marketing could get their hands on the Volt and the Leaf, we’d have a fast and furious back-alley race-worthy trio of truly monster hybrids and electric cars.

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