First drive review: We bash, trash but don’t crash the 2011 Jeep Compass


For 2011 Jeep has done two substantial things to the ungainly lovechild of the Jeep brand…the Jeep Compass.

1) The company has completely redesigned the Compass so that now it looks much more like a baby version of the brand’s flagship Jeep Cherokee.

2) Jeep has also increased the price of the Compass by a whopping $4K, while at the same time stuffing the 2011 Compass with a substantial boatload of more standard options.

We recently had the chance to drive the redesigned and refreshed Compass in the snow and muddy back woods of the Wyoming wilderness, and to be honest we came away both impressed and somewhat disappointed by the new Compass.

We’re impressed by the modern and sharp new styling that turns the Compass from the brand’s ugly duckling to a handsome hero, but we’re still underwhelmed by the small Jeep’s CVT transmission which doesn’t exactly shine in the mud and snow when the going gets steep.

But why not just watch our first drive review below and/or you can read our review of the new Compass HERE.

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