Video: Can we get the guide dog to host American Top Gear…please?


We hate to admit this but perhaps the best part of the second episode of the American version of Top Gear was the guide dog.

We won’t go for the obvious dog peeing-on-the-stage joke at the end of tonight’s episode, but you have the admit that the dog was the funniest host of the night.

For those of you who missed it there’s a YouTube vid below. Watch it while it lasts. But like we said last week, American Top Gear (TGUS) needs someone as bombastic and full of himself like Jeremy Clarkson to anchor it.

Perhaps the worse problem with American Top Gear is that it has forgotten the first and most important rule of successful reality TV: you need a villain or an anti-hero, someone to stir the pot, someone to pour gas on the fire, and someone to yell fire in a crowded theater after he’s poured gas on the fire.

What do you think of American Top Gear? Please lut us know below.

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