Massive Toyota and Lexus recall includes 1.5 million cars worldwide


Just when you thought that Toyota had their recall troubles behind them the company has just issued a new recall of 1.5 million cars worldwide because of possible brake failure problem.

In the United states the recalled Toyota and Lexus models include 740,000 vehicles.

  • 2005-06 Avalon
  • 2004-06 Highlander (non-hybrid)
  • 2004-06 Lexus RX330
  • 2006 Lexus GS300
  • 2006 IS250
  • 2006 IS350

The problem stems from a slow and potentially dangerous brake fluid leak in brake master cylinder.

According to USA Today:

“The leak could lead to weaker braking power and the brake warning light going on, the company said. Some of the non-U.S. models also have an electric fuel pump problem that could lead to stalling.

No crashes or deaths have been connected to these defects.”

If your car is included in the recall, Toyota says it will replace the master cylinder cup at no charge to vehicle owners, so bring your car into your local dealership for repair.

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