VW unveils new special edition Adidas Golf GTI coming soon to a dealership near you


There's sporty, and there's a sexy, and there's slutty.

It is amazing that this photo from the recent launch of the special edition Adidas Golf GTI manages to capture all three qualities in one photo…and we're not talking about the car.

But speaking of the car: a special edition Adidas Golf GTI will be coming to a dealership near you this year, and it features stuff like unique 18-inch machine polished alloy
, blacked out taillights, and of course a special and we hope a "sporty" Adidas interior.


Click HERE to watch as we put the Golf GTI up against a shootout with the Mazdaspeed3

This Adidas GTI will also come in several unique colors which include Candy White, Black Uni, Tornado Red, and this metallic Oryx White.


FYI: The Adidas Golf GTI will come same 210HP 2.0-liter turbo engine as the regular GTI.

Please make ours the "Sporty" version.

On our new TFLcar.com recommendation scale of:

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We give the Subaru WRX STI a Lease It, because as Michale Watermen points out: "Great car. Fun ride. Tasteful fit and finish. A decent price. My only concerns? Styling is a bit bland. And VW’s historical reliability and dependability (especially as measured by JDPower.com ) is not great."

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