Weekly Drive 2010 Hyundai Tucson Limited AWD: stylish, modern and tight


Hyundai has done a marvelous job when it comes to styling the 2010 Tucson.

The car looks like it just walked out of a fashion shoot from a New York glamor magazine. The lines are crisp and modern, the design is new and relevant, and overall impression is one of youthful fitness and movie-star good looks.

It's hard…no make that impossible…to find an profile angel that doesn't work when photographing the Tucson…especially when the car is dressed in what I now consider Apple Computers (i)…conic all white. 

But just like many of the most fashionable shoes in the world you have to sacrifice some comfort to look so good.


Now don't get me wrong my tester had all of the latest toy and technology that you'd excerpt from a small and modern crossover including:

– All wheel drive

– Navigation with a 6.5 inch screen

– Enormous/Panoramic duel sunroofs

– Satellite radio

– Premium Audio with external amp and Sub-woofer

– and the list goes on and on.


In fact, my tester grand total of goodies came to a segment topping sticker price of $29,590.00. That's a lot of money and of goodies for a small CUV.

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But that wasn't why I struggles with the Tuscon.
No the biggest issue I had with the new Hyundai is that I could not get comfortable in the car. I'm a big guy and at 6'2 and 225 pounds this car just does not fit my body type.


The seats adjust in every possible way and so does the steering wheel but just like the princes with the pea under her mattress I could never find a driving position that was comfortable for me.

It was sort of like buying a pair of really sharp designer shoes, but never being able to get comfortable in them. You know you look good, but you can't get past the nagging feeling that you'd be happier in your old work loafers.


The other small issue I had/have with the Tuscon is that the designers choose to place the round rear defroster button in the exact location that many new cars now have the stop/start button. Not only did they put it next to the steering wheel but the also made it the exact same size and shape as the newest ignition buttons.  So I spent a lot of time getting into the car and trying to start it by turning on the rear defroster.

FYI: The Tuscon comes with a more traditional and classic key.


Look for our full Tuscon video review soon.

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