Potential Toyota Prius brake recall could add yet another car to already long list of recalled models


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that it has just launched an investigation into Toyota's halo model the 2010 Prius dues to possible and temporary brake failure on rough and bumpy roads.

NHTSA said that it has received 124 complaints from drivers of the newest Prius including 4 reports that involved alleged accidents.

This latest investigation comes on the heals of a similar investigation launched in Japan where the government has ordered Toyota to investigate the car's braking system.

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Toyota says that this latest problem is a software glitch that effects the car's regenerative braking system on bumpy roads, but that it has solved the issues with cars sold this year.

Toyota has yet to recall any 2010 Prius due to this latest issue. 

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According to CNN.com:

"The Prius, which is built in Japan, is not one of the eight models that
was affected by two recalls recently to fix problems with sticking gas
pedals. All of those models were built at North American plants."

The older and previous generation of Prius is being recalled by Toyota, but not to a software glitch, instead because of the possibility of the car's floormat getting stuck under the accelerator pedal causing the car to speed out of control.

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