BMW to put 6 cylinder engine back into 7 Series…so what?

The big BMW news today is that the Bavarian auto maker plans on returning to its roots by adding a turbo straight-6 to the 7 Series which it will bring to the U.S.

The New York Times calls it a bold decision:

"Putting the turbo straight-6 in the 740i and 740Li could be an even
bolder decision. Owners of large luxury sedans are used to V-8s and
even V-12s. Although BMW has upped the power output to 315 horsepower
in this latest iteration, the 7 Series could appear lacking to German
luxury car customers used to hearing the deep grunt of big V-8s.

Really…"a bold decision?"

Lexus built a hybrid LS a long time ago.

Mercedes-Benz offers a hybrid S-Class and the Fisker Karma S Plug-In hybrid luxury cars are almost ready for production.

In an automotive world that is rapidly going all electric or hybrid offering a 7 Series 6 cylinder turbo seems more backward than bold to many who see the future of cars as moving away from fossil fuel consumption.

BMW plans to reveal more about its electric car plans soon, but so far (it would be fair to say) the German automaker has not fully embraced the new hybrid and electric technology.

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