Deadly car crash causes concerns about power start stop buttons in some new cars


It was any drivers worst nightmare and it happened just a few days ago at the end of August in California.

An unstoppable Lexus which "topped speeds of 120 mph before launching off an embankment and crashed and burst into flames in Santee," according to the Associated Press.

Four people were killed including the driver, a California Highway Patrol officer, and three family members.

A preliminary investigation indicated the accelerator may have become
entrapped by a rubber floor mat, sheriff's Sgt. Scott Hill said.

A recent and massive Toyota recall of 3.8 million cars was just announced this week because of the potential problems with rubber floor mats and accelerators.

A passenger called 911 and said they couldn't stop the speeding car just before the deadly crash.

The question that remains today is why didn't the driver simple turn off the engine and car.

The car in question was a Lexus ES 350 and now Toyota has issues a warning for both Lexus and Toyota Models regarding the power bottom.

"In issuing its warning, Toyota tells owners to make sure that they
don't just tap the button in an emergency. Press it steadily for three

If you're driving a Toyota or Lexus that has a start-stop button
instead of a traditional turn-key ignition switch, the car can't be
turned off in an instant in an emergency. The button must be depressed
for three seconds — an eternity in a panic situation. At least that's
how it works in a Toyota," according to USA Today.