Black is the new white, or is it the new silver?


So what do you suppose is the most popular car color for 2009 so far?

If you guessed purple you'd be right—about it being the least popular color of car sold in the U.S. in 09.

It accounted for only 0.08 percent of all cars sold.

Other colors that did not sell well included: 


Light Green and


Of course the most popular color (at least according to new survey just released by Edmunds) was Black with 20.27 percent of all cars sold followed by silver, white and gray.

"By brand, black was the best seller for 30 makes followed by silver
for nine makes – but, ironically, not the Ford brand. Red and white was
the best seller for six brands each.

Black was generally the top choice for buyers of cars and SUVs; white for pickup trucks and vans.

down further by vehicle category, pickup trucks and full-size vans were
purchased mainly in white. Silver was generally the top choice for
full-size and mid-size cars. Black was the pick for SUVs, sport and
luxury cars and exotic cars," according to

You can read the rest HERE along with a breakdown by State as well as fast and slow selling colors.