What a Mess! Who Bought the Biggest Piece of $#!% Convertible? – Stud to Dud Ep. 2

Well, you may expect the outcome, but still...ouch

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(Image: TFL Studios)

We know how quick they are, but which of these four convertibles is the biggest piece of crap?

If you missed last week’s premiere episode of the new “Stud to Dud” series, let’s take a moment to catch up. The guys bought four 1990s convertibles representing four of the biggest car-building nations: Germany, the UK, Japan and the U.S. To that end, Andre bought a R129 generation Mercedes-Benz 500SL (naturally). Nathan bought a Jaguar XK8, Roman bought a Nissan 300ZX and Tommy (for some reason) got his hands on a Ford Mustang GT. Hey, at least it has a manual transmission — it’s the only one of the bunch that does.

In the last video, we sussed out who paid the most for their slab of ’90s convertible greatness. The team also pitched the four cars against each other in a drag race, so check out last week’s video to see how that turned out! Now, though, a more important question for anyone buying a 20 to 30-year-old convertible sports car: Which one is the biggest piece of garbage?

Things don’t look good for one of these cars…

That’s where mechanic Toby of German Auto Service in Boulder, Colorado comes in. The TFL team has been taking cars to him for years, and this time around he gets to inspect each one of our four convertible “gems”. For reference, each of these cars cost the guys between $6,500 and $9,000. That’s not a bad deal if the amount of work that they need is minimal and affordable. Buy a couple decades-old convertible that needs a new top or serious mechanical work, let’s say, and you can easily drop more money than the car’s worth to set it right.

So, which one will bring our wallet the most pain? Find out in the video below (although you may be able to work it out based on the timestamps…just a hint).