Are You Prepared? An Electrified Dodge Could Debut On July 8: News

The brand aims to "reinvent" the muscle car, and it's fairly clear where that's going

2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock
It will be quite the shift, but we could soon see an electrified Dodge Charger or Challenger sooner than you think. (Images: Dodge)

July 8 could mark the start of a new era for Dodge — if they reveal what we think is coming.

“We will have some pretty interesting stuff July 8.”

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis recently shared some nuggets of information with Muscle Cars & Trucks, as rumors continue to swirl around exactly how the brand will transform itself over the next few years. Massive, supercharged V8s can’t go on as emissions compliance continues to be a thorn in Stellantis’ side, so we know major changes are afoot. That has folks wondering exactly how Roadkill Nights, one of the loudest, most thunderous events of the year will adapt.

This year, that event is back on August 14 at the M1 Concourse in Pontiac, Michigan. It’s a tribute to the V8-powered world of the muscle car, so MC&T naturally asked Kuniskis how that will jive with Dodge’s plans to “reinvent the muscle car”, and acknowledging that times are changing. Fortunately, it seems like we’ll have a more concrete answer on that in a bit over a week.

2020 Dodge Challenger SRT Super Stock
The days of rip-snorting, supercharged V8s within the Dodge brand could soon be drawing to a close.

As for Roadkill Nights, Kuniskis said, “We’re not going to show anything new there. We had something that we’re trying to get done in time to share right around the event.” As it stands, though, Dodge may push that reveal back toward SEMA’s timeframe, which is in November. More rumors suggest a straight-six hybrid powertrain is in play, and new tech could actually push future electrified Dodge models above and beyond what we see from the current bunch of V8s.

For now, though, Dodge is having its “bachelor party”, says the brand’s head of sales operations Matt McAlear. As such, we’re in our last hurrah right now before the next generation comes along. “I’m extremely excited about where the future is going.”

Stay tuned, and we’ll see exactly what the brand has up its sleeve.