Tesla Model Y Vs. Hyundai Nexo: Got Range? Watch The Slowest Pikes Peak Race of The Century!

Tesla's smallest battery-electric crossover takes on Hyundai's sole hydrogen-powered car

Those of you who have been following TFL for awhile know about our “Loveland Trials” EV test. We call it the world’s toughest EV test, and for good reason — it involves driving up a steep Rocky Mountain pass to above 11,000 feet, a serious test of an electric car’s performance and its range. This time around, though, we’re taking things one step further. In this video, Tommy and Roman race two electric cars to the summit of Pikes Peak, at 14,115 feet.

The 2020 Tesla Model Y and Hyundai Nexo both make the trip without producing any harmful emissions, but the real test is just what our “race” up the mountain will do to their battery capacity. Find out which one wins, with some unexpected twists, in the video above.