April 2019 Sales Report: Here are the Top 10 Best-Selling Cars

And the best-selling car is...

It’s the beginning of the month which can only mean one thing, sales time! The manufacturers have released sales data for the month of April, 2019. Who remains atop the leaderboard? What surprises are there to see? You’ll just have to read on to find out.

Please, be sure to keep in mind that Ford and General Motors have shifted to quarterly sales reporting. So, this list does not include sales data from those two companies.

This report includes cars and SUVs that automakers sold in April 2019. Trucks will notbe included on this list, as we write up truck sales reports over on TFLtruck.com.

Editor’s Note: The sales figures in this report may change as more data becomes available. Check back for more updates!

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RankCarApril 2019 SalesApril 2018 SalesYoY Change
1Toyota Rav434,139 31,00710.1%
2Toyota Camry29,22729,848-2.1%
3Honda Civic28,43628,3390.1%
4Honda CR-V28,33428,3230.1%
5Nissan Rogue24,15923,3313.5%
6Jeep Grand Cherokee20,46916,64723.0%
7Toyota Corolla19,67925,896-24.0%
8Honda Accord19,23921,751-11.5%
9Toyota Highlander17,19018,456-6.9%
10Hyundai Elantra16,58614,04418.1%

The Rogue Falls From Glory… To Fifth Place

April provided quite the shakeup within the top ten. It seems those 2019 Toyota Rav4s have really started to move at the dealership. Not only is the Rav4 once again the sales leader, it is up 10.1% compared to April of 2018.

The car that previously took up that number one spot, the Nissan Rogue, fell all the way down to fifth place, behind the Camry, Civic and CR-V. Despite losing ground to it’s class competitors, Rogue sales are up 3.5% compared to April 2018. Keep in mind here that the Rogue and Rogue Sport are listed under the same sales figure. Nissan does not disclose what percentage of Rogue sales are the Rogue Sport.

The rest of this is relatively straight forward. However, the number ten spot has a surprising entry. The Hyundai Elantra has broken into the top ten this month, knocking the Nissan Altima out of this chart. This is largely due to an 18.1% increase in sales compared to April of 2018. Perhaps the recently refreshed model has driven sales for Hyundai.

Come Back Next Month!

Well there you go, those are the top 10 best-selling cars of April 2019. Be sure to come back next month to see how things of changed. Stay tuned to TFLcar.com for the latest news, views & real-world reviews and plenty more sales data to come.

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