The Hispano Suiza Carmen Looks Like A 1930s Car From The Future

Only 19 will be built

Hispano Suiza Carmen

Hispano Suiza will only build 19 examples.

Last week, Spanish car firm Hispano Suiza teased what would be its “Hyper Lux” electric grand tourer: the Carmen. Now, at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, the company officially revealed the whole car. With 1,019 horsepower from its electric drivetrain, the Hispano Squiza Carmen would certainly be no slouch on the road. But that’s not the most remarkable car. In designing it, Hispano Suiza took inspiration from its pre-war cars, so this looks like a retro and futuristic design melded together.

In creating this 1930s car from the future, Hispano Suiza gave the body something of a teardrop shape. That doesn’t just make the car look interesting, though. It also gives it a drag coefficient of 0.325. That makes it more aerodynamically efficient than a Koenigsegg Agera R or a Porsche 918 Spyder, according to Hispano Suiza’s figures.

From the back, the Carmen looks even more extreme. Not just with the enclosed rear wheel arches, but those circular lights as well.

Official launch coming in June 2020

If you do want a Hispano Suiza Carmen, you better be ready to take an enormous crowbar to your wallet. The company will produce just 19 examples of the Carmen. Each car will be made during a production run starting in 2019 and ending in 2021. Each car costs nearly $1.7 million, or 1.5 million euros.

Still, that’s not the most expensive car at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Against some of the other well-known hypercar names, you could argue that amount is a bargain.