Ford’s Baby Bronco Will be a Focus-Based Crossover, Rather Than a Truck-Based SUV [News]

The new Focus Active crossover is based on a front-wheel drive platform.

Ford confirms baby Bronco is coming
A teaser of Ford’s new small, off-road SUV. [Photo: Ford]
Hau Thai-Tang, executive vice president of product development and purchasing, told Reuters about Ford’s plans for a new baby Bronco. We had covered the news that Ford was planning a small SUV back in February. Now, Thai-Tang made this announcement during an investor meeting in New York. The small, off-road focused crossover will share parts with the new Focus Active crossover and the Escape.

Thai-Tang also noted that the baby off-roader would carry a ‘premium price’. The vehicle will also be an example of Ford’s new, more flexible product architecture. Ford is aiming for common platforms among most of its models – a cost-saving measure designed to offset the cost of shifting the entire business toward trucks and SUVs.

Ford confirms baby Bronco coming
This is the best official view we’ve seen of the 2020 Ford Bronco. We expect more details soon. [Photo: Ford]
Ford’s new small SUV will likely be a throwback to the original 1960s Bronco, according to a source close to its development. Not only that, but it should look similar to the larger Bronco set to emerge next year. While Ford is making plans to kill off its cars, Ford will base this SUVs  While this is still the case, it seems that Ford is going to continue making use of their old sedan chassis regardless.

Apart from the fact it is coming, more information on Ford’s new small SUV isn’t yet available. We expect Ford to announce more official information in the coming months, perhaps after we find out more on the larger Bronco.

Baby Bronco coming
This is the last Bronco we’ve seen in its entirety – the 2004 concept. A new Bronco is coming soon, as is a smaller model. [Photo: Ford]
Of course, we will be covering news on the new baby Bronco as soon as we get it. Be sure to stay tuned to for the latest news, views & real-world reviews and, of course, more news on the upcoming Ford baby Bronco.

The new Bronco and this – its baby brother – aren’t the only big developments coming from the Blue Oval. Ford is also reviving the Ranger – a nameplate out of production in the U.S. since 2011. Check out everything you need to know in the video below: