Will the Ford Ka Replace the Ford Fiesta, what is Sondors Electric and Terrible Ads? [Ask Nathan]

In this week’s Ask Nathan:

  • Will the Ford Ka Replace the Ford Fiesta?
  • What is the three-wheeled Sondors Electric?
  • Who’s responsible for these terrible auto ads?

The first question comes from a fan asking if Ford will replace the Ford Fiesta with the Ford Ka.



Q: Greetings! I wonder if they will replace the Ford Fiesta with the Ford Ka?

I know the Ford Ka is not available in the United States, but it’s nearly the size of the Ford Fiesta, and it’s a damn good little car. I am the current owner of a 2015 Ford Fiesta and it has been a fantastic companion. It sips gas and is very fun to drive. I know that you and Roman like driving the ST version quite a bit, but I never felt wanting that much power.

Cheers Nathan!

A. A from Atlanta

A: Thanks for the email! One of the reasons the Ford Fiesta is supposed to be discontinued is slow sales. Other automakers who build vehicles in this class are suffering as well. Bringing the Ford Ka to the United States, even with all the bells and whistles, will not address the same issue: people in the United States are not interested in economy cars like they once were.With that being said, there is a chance that Ford may reintroduce the Fiesta later on. When gas prices rise, folks tend to look at economy more seriously.I wish I had more to say. I totally enjoyed the Ford Fiesta ST and I hope they bring it back in the future.


This next question comes from Norman E, a fan who wants information on the three-wheeled Sondors Electric car.


Q:What is the three-wheeled Sondors Electric?It’s not related to the Elio company is it?

A: Hi Norman! No, this is a completely different company than Elio. Sondors currently sells electric bikes and is crowd-funding to get their all-electric, three-wheel, three-passenger vehicle to market at a $10,000 market price. Here’s the key facts (according to Sondors):

  • $10,000+ retail price
  • Three wheels – front wheel drive
  • Two front seats and one back seat
  • 50, 100, and 200 mile range
  • Lithium Ion battery 0 to 60 Mph in 5 seconds
  • Charge with your regular 110V or 240V (2X charge)
  • Apple or Android smartphone or tablet is the dashboard
  • Choose a color: White, Black, Blue, Silver or Red
  • Sold online and delivered to your door

Here’s the mission statement:

“There are enough creators for useless stuff and very few who actually create what’s useful. Henry Ford built the first affordable car and changed the face of transportation. I want to build the first affordable electric vehicle and transform transportation once again.I first started an electric bicycle company because I wanted to ride in Malibu, feeling free and having fun. I wanted to offer a bicycle that was built with high quality components for under $1,000. Everybody thought it could not be done. I have since shipped SONDORS electric bikes to the delight of more than 17,000 loyal SONDORS owners worldwide. Now I want to build an electric vehicle for $10,000. The next great American electric vehicle is being built in my garage. Together we will start the electric transportation revolution.” – Storm Sondors Chief Electric Officer & CEO


The last question comes from a fan who is not happy with the reality-ish-based commercials that some automakers are airing.


Q: Nathan, who comes up with these ridiculous “real” commercials?

They need to give the audience more credit. Not all of us are morons! The worst part of it is that they shoot themselves in the foot whenever these are aired. I am a Chevy fan, but I almost feel embarrassed when I watch these terrible, unbelievable, obnoxious commercials. Who do I talk to in order to register a complaint!?



A: Howdy Siler!

I hear and agree with you. Sorry to say, I have no idea who you can email to address these issues. I suppose if you send an email to the PR company that represents the automaker along with the very same letter sent to the automaker’s PR representative, maybe your voice will be heard.


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