How Much Better Off-Road Is a Jeep Wrangler JK with a 3 Inch Lift? [Video]

TFL’s stalwart 2016 Jeep Wrangler JK got some big-boy tires, suspension, and shocks, and grew three inches. In this before-and-after video, Tommy shows us how the stock Wrangler performed on the challenging Plane Crash Trail high in the Rocky Mountains near TFL headquarters in Boulder, Colorado. Spoiler alert: It does pretty well.

The Mods

Tommy, Michael, and Roman took some time out of their schedules to meet at Devon’s Car Care in Boulder, CO to do these mods. But what exactly did Tommy do to the Jeep? He got a 3″ Alpine CT3 lift kit from our friends at Teraflex, a set of Rugged Ridge 17×9 inch aluminum rims, and some 35″ Firestone Destination M/T2 Tires. Special thanks to Teraflex, Rugged Ridge, and Firestone once again for sending us these awesome parts, and to Devon’s Car Care for helping us with the install. Devon has done this sort of job a thousand times and his expertise was extremely helpful.

What a difference 3-inches makes. [photo: TFL]

The Final Product

While these mods certainly improved the looks of Tommy’s Jeep, we are more interested in how much capability they added off road. In total, the JK should be sitting a total of 4.5″ higher than it was from the factory (1.5″ extra from the tires and 3″ from the lift). To find out, Tommy took it up the same T33A “Plane Crash” trail that he did in the before video. In that first video, his lack of ground clearance actually did lead to a small amount of scraping on the bottom of his Jeep, something I gave him a slightly hard time about. However, with the new suspension and tires, Tommy’s Jeep took down this fairly difficult trail with ease.

To see the lift process and see Tommy take his newly modded Jeep off-road, be sure to watch the whole video!

Also be sure to stay tuned to TFLcar for more fun Jeep off-roading videos coming soon.