Prototype Hunting: Did We Catch an Electric Buick While Hunting In Our Camo Aztek? [Video]

On this episode of Prototype Hunting, TFL’s Tommy, Charlotte and your’s truly, Michael, take our super, not-so-secret weapon, our camouflaged 2001 Pontiac Aztek up into the Rocky Mountains to search the high-altitude roads and interstates for new-model prototypes undergoing testing in the wild.

To prepare the Aztek for its spy hunting adventures, the TFL team spent about 30 hours applying hand-cut Aztek ‘A’ logos to the exterior of the vehicle in order to mimic the camo patterns seen on real prototype vehicles. Our thinking is that the engineers in the test vehicles will be drawn to our Aztek to find out what the heck it is. And that will bring them closer to our cameras. At least that was the plan.

The Results

Caught ya’, Buick. [photo: TFL]
So, how did the Aztek do in it’s new role as a prototype hunting machine? Not bad, all things considered. We did manage to find a few test vehicles in the mountains. A good number of GM products, including what looks like an electric Buick (see above). Plus, we found a number of trucks doing diesel testing for Cummins. Many of these vehicles were towing, suggesting that Cummins could be trying out new technology for its diesel engines.

See any exhaust pipes on this Buick from the future? We didn’t. [photo: TFL]
To see what other hijinks were had on our prototype hunting adventure, be sure to watch the whole video!

Also, if you think you recognize any of these spy vehicles, be sure to comment below what you think it is! We can usually make a decent guess as to what we saw, but you guys sometimes have just as good of an eye as we do. Your help is appreciated!

If you’re curious what it was like to wrap a Pontiac Aztek, check out the video below: