Top 5 Almost Classic Cars You Need to Collect Now! [Video]

Future Classic - Cadillac CTS V Wagon
Rare, fast, awesome = a future collector’s car. [photo: Cadillac]

Tomorrow’s Top 5 New Classic Cars

In this edition of “Buy These Cars Now!” TFLcar’s Nathan Adlen and Roman Mica reveal their choices for soon-to-be classic cars that they believe to the bottom of their souls should skyrocket in value over the coming years. Using nothing more than their gut — plus their experience test-driving thousands of hot cars through the years — here are the cars that made the cut:

  • Tesla Roadster – The electric car that made going electric cool.
  • Porsche 928 – Porsche’s V8-powered rear-wheel drive gem of a grand touring car.
  • Cadillac CTS-V Wagon – 556-hp and the ability to say, “No seriously, honey, it’s a family car,” with a straight face.
  • VW Phaeton – The most luxurious VW sedan ever with a V12 and 4WD as well.
  • BMW 8-Series – The V12 with a manual was part supercar/part sports car.

To find out why and how Nathan and Roman came up with their picks, as well as which one came out #1, check out the video below. And make sure to name your choice for collector car of the future in the comments. We’d love to hear from you.