How to Make a Pontiac Aztek Even Uglier: Wrap it with Vinyl! [Video]

Take a guess as to which of these cars is sexier. [photo: TFL]
As some of you may know, TFL recently purchased a Pontiac Aztek as our most recent project vehicle. One of our many plans for this vehicle is to use it as a prototype hunting spy car. However, we felt like the faded original black paint wasn’t sneaky enough so we set out to fix that with a camouflage vinyl wrap.

Charlotte, Tommy and myself, being the Avid DIYers that we are, decided to cut out and apply a special pattern of Aztek logos tessellated over the car’s body panels. This was an extremely time consuming process. There were hundreds of vinyl ‘A’s to cut out and apply!

We give ourselves an “A” for our wrap job. [photo: TFL]

The Project

In total, the project ended up taking about 30 hours of work between the three of us. Despite the time suck, we ended up very pleased with the vehicle’s look. From a distance, like a quarter mile away, it really does look a bit like a prototype vehicle in camouflage. Seriously.

All that is left now is for us to take this beast up into the Rocky Mountains to look for some prototype vehicles testing in the wild. And, we hope, be hunted ourselves. Be sure to stay tuned for our first prototype hunting adventure coming soon.