Ford Galaxy Spotted in Detroit: Is Ford Bringing this People Carrier to the US? [Spy Photos]

For anyone interested in the automotive world, Detroit can be a great place to see some unique vehicles. It is not uncommon to see cars covered in plastic cladding and camouflage driving down the street. What some people don’t know, is that it is also somewhat common to see cars that are sold in different markets around the world. TFL reader Steve Hassell found one such vehicle in this Ford Galaxy that he caught cruising the streets of Woodhaven, MI. Special thanks to Steve for sending us these pictures, it is much appreciated!

To provide a little context for this vehicle, the Ford Galaxy is a 7-seater people carrier that is sold in most of Europe. Pictured Below:

There is a lot of speculation that can come with seeing a foreign market car driving around near Detroit. It could be a good indicator that Ford is thinking of bringing this vehicle to the US market. Or, it could mean nothing at all. We really don’t know why this vehicle is here, as Ford have not announced its arrival to the US market. However, it was not too long ago that we started seeing the Ford EcoSport pop up around Detroit and now Ford is bringing that vehicle to our market. Could the Ford Galaxy see the same fate?

I would like to open this question up to you, the readers, and hear what you think this Galaxy is doing in the US. There are some rumors that the Ford Flex, one of Ford’s current 7-seater options, could be discontinued by 2020. Is this the vehicle that will take over the Flex’s position? Please post a comment below and tell us what you think the Galaxy is doing in the US.

Until we see it in an auto show, we really won’t know what Ford is doing with this vehicle in Detroit. While you wait to hear about the Ford Galaxy’s future in the US, why not check out this video about the Galaxy’s little sibling, the Ford Escape: