What Should You Have in Your Winter Safety Kit In Case of An Emergency [Video]

Would you be prepared in the event your vehicle got stuck somewhere during the winter and you had to wait for help? What would you need? What items would be the best to have?

TFL’s Nathan Adlen put together a list of must haves that every driver should always travel with to stay safe.

Nathan bought an emergency kit from a local store that contained such items as jumper cables, duct tape, hooks, a poncho, a flashlight and other necessities. He said that drivers can do the same and have an instant emergency kit that can assist them when they’re stuck.

However, Nathan said to ensure drivers are safe and comfortable, there are several other items that he said he would include with the emergency kit.

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One of the items were an extra blanket and jacket. Those items will help keep a person warm while waiting for help. For the jacket, Nathan said to make sure it’s in a bright color like orange so a person is more visible.

Tire chains is another must-have item. With people either having front- or rear-wheel drive vehicles or tires that may not be the best in the winter, tire chains will help provide traction on slippery roads.

Having a small shovel also can help remove excess snow and help a driver get unstuck in situations. Then, using kitty litter or sand can add more traction and help a driver get out of a tough spot. The kitty litter and sand can also provide additional weight in a vehicle, providing more traction.

Nathan also suggested having water-proof matches or a lighter along with a candle. The candle can provide some warmth in a confined space, and also melt snow that’s in a tin cup that can be used for drinking water.

What are some of the other items Nathan suggested? And, are these items that most people have in their vehicles? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.