2016 SEMA: Lexus Unveils a First-of-its-kind Lexus LC 500 [News]


SEMA is, as we all know, a chance for automakers to show what is possible with their latest vehicles. The show attracts a wide range of builds, some focusing on pure performance, and others electing to do the most outlandish visual modifications. For as many show cars that fall on the extreme edge of the spectrum, there are also those that fall somewhere in the middle, offering a tasteful combination of visual and performance modifications. Lexus hopes to have done exactly that with their first-of-its-kind Lexus LC 500, which they unveiled at SEMA.


Like almost every car shown at SEMA, this Lexus is about as far from stock as it could get, especially when it comes to performance modifications. Logically, they have started with the engine, which has been bored out to 5.6L, and of course tuned in order to produce a bulky 525 horsepower. Additionally, the car has been fitted with new connecting rods and custom cylinders that enable this V8 to have a screaming 9,000 RPM redline. Next they have made numerous changes to the chassis, including new suspension, new wheels, better tires, and to stop in a reasonable distance, upgraded brakes.

Visually, Lexus have put on an entirely new body kit that not only looks better, but also functions to give the car more downforce and therefore more grip. This bodykit includes a front splitter, side skirts, a decklid spoiler, and a rear diffuser all hoping to help suck the LC 500 down to the road so that it can use every one of its 525 horses under the hood.


Continuing with their theme of functional upgrades, Lexus have handed the car to Evasive Motorsports to make interior modifications that keep the car’s luxurious feel while also providing the driver with the bolstering and support to ensure they move with the car when you come up to a corner.

With this car Lexus hopes to prove that the LC 500 is an excellent mod platform that has no problem attaining great performance while keeping the level of luxury that Lexus is known for. Whether or not they succeeded is a matter of opinion, although I would have a hard time arguing that they didn’t.

Roman and Nathan have had the opportunity to drive another Lexus vehicle with the engine that this LC 500 has (before modifications). To see what they though of the engine, and platform, be sure to watch the video below: