2019 Toyota Supra rumors, Nissan Versa Note vs Chevrolet Spark and Why do the TFL Top 5? [Ask Nathan]

Lincoln MKX vs Lexus RX 350 vs Volvo XC60 T6In this week’s Ask Nathan:

This first question comes from a fan who is trying to find out information about the 2019 Toyota Supra.


Q: Nathan, I’m not very connected in the car universe, but I overheard someone at the Toyota dealership in Santa Monica (CA) ask a salesperson about it.

When I was in high school, in 1990, I had a 1988 Toyota Supra and it was the best car I ever owned. It lasted through college and grad school! The only reason I got ride of it was I needed a bigger car and I was about to get married.

Fast forward to last month, I have driven my Lexus IS for 10 years and I was thinking about getting a Highlander for the family. I’m a typical mom from Cali who wants something nice and reliable. I’m looking at the Highlander and the hybrid.

Then my brother takes me for a ride in his Scion FR-S and I had a hoot! He let me drive it along the PCH and I remembered how much I loved driving my old Supra. That happened right before I was at the dealership and overheard the sales person.

So, can you help a lady out!? Can you tell me anything about it?

Love you guys and, if you guys are ever in SoCal, you have a bunch of fans who would like to buy you a drink!



2014 toyota ft-1 concept detroit

A: Hi Tiff, thanks for the great email and kind words!

Nothing has been “officially” confirmed, but we know Toyota is working with BMW on a sports coupe and every indication points to it being the spiritual successor to the Supra. Everything from this point forward is based on info gathered by several sources, speculation and rumor. It’s not that I would suggest the 2019 Toyota Supra will never be built, but I don’t even know if it will be a 2019 model or even called “Supra.”

  • There is a cooperative agreement between BMW and Toyota to co-develop a sports car platform. This is similar to the agreement Toyota had with Subaru to develop the Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ.
  • BMW may use this platform to develop a replacement for the BMW Z4 (possibly a BMW Z5).
  • The test model that has been caught by several publications looks like it has a long hood that could easily house a BMW-sourced I6, turbo I4 or, possibly, a Twin-scroll I6 Turbo.
  • While Toyota does have the Toyota 86 platform to play with, this vehicle appears to be larger and more substantial
  • It appears to be a proper coupe – no back seat.
  • If it uses a BMW engine, it may use a 7-speed dual clutch and a 6-speed manual transmission sourced from the 3/4-Series.
  • There is a chance that, rather than have a larger engine or a twin-turbo version, Toyota may use their lauded hybrid system to boost power and efficiency.
  • We may see a concept or a pre-production tease at the 2016 Tokyo Auto Show or (possibly) at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show.

The concept car you see attached to this post may have some similarities to the 2019 Toyota Supra. Hopefully.

I will stay on top of this story – promise!


Nissan Versa Note Color Studio | LA Auto Show

This next question is from a senior in high school who wants a new car for college.

Q: Hi Nathan. I’m heading to college (just finished high school this past summer) and I wanted to buy a new car to take with before I go.

I have saved for almost two years and I have narrowed my choices to the Nissan Versa Note or the new Chevrolet Spark. Both vehicles I have priced with all of the options I want, including a manual transmission. I have both coming in well under $17,000. That way I can make a big down payment and finance about $10,000 over the next four years.

My mom has amazing credit so I will use her as a co-signer. I am driving a crappy Dodge Avenger that my dad handed down to me three years ago. I hate it so much. It’s like the best car to keep me from being happy when I drive. It’s just so not me!

I drove the Nissan Versa Note and the Chevrolet Spark and they were both great. I like the feeling of getting something with a warranty that is ALL mine!

Which one would you suggest?

Thanks man!

Dexter B.

2016 Chevrolet Spark rear

A: Howdy Dexter!

Great choices my man. While I have yet to officially drive the newest Chevrolet Spark, I have just enough experience to say you get a lot of car for the money. It’s a great little commuter and its an ideal size to pilot around dense college campus parking areas.

With that being said, the Nissan Versa Note not only has a lot more space, it can hold three people in the back seat. The Chevy Spark only has provisions for two passengers in the back. I would say that, from a practical and useable space perspective the Nissan Versa Note is the better choice.

By the way, if you want to save more dough and still have a hatchback, take a look at the Mitsubishi Mirage too.

Good luck in college!


The last question comes from a viewer who wants to know why we have shown so many top 5 and top 10 lists.

Roman Mica and Nathan Adlen
Roman Mica and Nathan Adlen

Q:Why are you guys doing so many top 10 and 5 videos?

Some of them are fun I guess. I just see so many now and I don’t understand why you film them.


A: Hi Milos.

It all started a few years back when we began shooting videos at our old office. We wanted to connect to the viewers and come up with things we could all agree or disagree on. A car review is kind of one-sided and, while we will continue to do them, we know viewers have other interests too. Rather than make fewer videos or videos with less content, we wanted to make something unique to TFLcar, TFLtruck and TFLnow.

That’s why we added these videos. Sure, we’re still doing the same reviews and specials, but now we have more content that viewers like you can participate in. Show’s like “Ask Nathan” on TFLnow are obvious ways for the TFL team to communicate with viewers, but our Top 5 shows are too. When we post these videos, we carefully read through what the viewers have to say. In most cases, viewers like the shows, respond to the Top 5s and often suggest new topics for our shows.

We’re pretty happy with the responses we’re getting and we’re going to keep on producing these shows as long as viewers want them.

Thanks for the email!


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