How fast is a Hellcat Challenger over one mile? – Hellcat VS. Ep.7 [Video]

hellcatHow fast can the 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat go in a standing mile?

TFL’s Roman Mica and professional race car driver Paul Gerrard found out recently when they participated in The Colorado Mile event.

In this latest episode of TFLcar’s Hellcat VS series, Paul drove the eight-speed automatic transmission Hellcat during the event, driving in different modes that put out 500 horsepower and 700 horsepower. The event was held by Shannon Matus and her husband Jay, who own and put on races for The One Mile in different parts of the U.S.

Although the Hellcat is fast, one of the obstacles Paul faced was that the event was held one mile above sea level, which could impact top speed within the standing mile.

2015 dodge srt challenger hellcat

Before the race, Paul and Roman asked organizers about how fast they’ve seen the Hellcat perform in other conditions. The top speed at a standing mile organizers have seen was about 170 mph.

During the race, organizers asked competitors go between 140 and 165 mph during their first try to get a feel for the course. If they did that, they were able to go on to the next challenge and go above 165 mph.

Paul put the Hellcat in 500 horsepower mode and was able to top the speed out at 155 within the standing mile.

After passing the first test, Paul had two more tries to get the Hellcat up to the coveted 170 mph. There also were two other Hellcats that tried as well, with one being a manual transmission, and an assortment of other muscle cars that tried.

Did the altitude have any impact? How much faster did the Hellcat perform when driving in 500 horsepower mode and 700 horsepower mode? And, was Paul able to get the Hellcat to 170 mph? Find out by watching the complete TFL video above.