Want to see a letter from a dealer to a VW TDI owner? It’s right here [Dieselgate update]

Unsold VWs sit in a dealer's lot in Appleton. Dieselgate

A TFL staffer has a friend who received the following letter from the dealer who sold him a 2015 Passat TDI that was affected by the scandal commonly known as “dieselgate.” You know it’s serious when it ends in “gate.” Anyway, see the letter below.

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would try to give everyone an update on what we know about the VW TDI issue. I am flying to Dallas next week on the 20th to meet with Volkswagen in regards to details of how this moves forward.
Here is what I do know :

  • 1) An agreement was made between Volkswagen, EPA and CARP and others and in this agreement. There will be an offer of a settlement of at least $5100 (this is the minimum amount) for owners of affected cars (must have owned the car prior to last September).
  • 2) Volkswagen has agreed (if the customer wants) to offer to repurchase the affected cars based on a valuation of  NADA clean trade as of September 2015 (I am hoping to get more details next week).
  • 3) Customers will have an option to keep their vehicle (if they choose not to take the buy back) and have it repaired (we are still unclear of when these vehicle will be repaired or how the will be repaired) and will still receive the Cash settlement offer of a minimum of $5100 (some vehicles will be higher).

I have included a link below that may be helpful, I am recommending that everyone go on the https://www.vwcourtsettlement.com/en/(see below) website and put your vehicle VIN number in the Vehicle Lookup tab and put in your contact information as I believe this will be what VW uses to proceed forward.

I have personally spoken to several of you and know that everyone is eager to move forward. We as a dealership are as well. Thank you for your patience and hopefully soon we will have more specific information so that everyone can have a better understanding on what this agreement is and what it means to everyone.

While it seems the dealer does not have much new information for owners of affected cars, this is the latest piece of information we have related to the remedy that was announced several weeks ago. For details on VW’s plans watch the video below in which Andre and I do our best to cut through the legal jargon and explain the meat and potatoes of the “dieselgate” settlement.