Will the Next Nissan Leaf Challenge the Upcoming 200-Mile Chevy Bolt and Tesla Model 3? [Op/Ed]

nissan leaf
Nissan IDS Concept

The electric car battle is heating up as new information about the next generation Nissan Leaf comes to light. A recent published report by Autoblog Green states that Nissan’s global director for EV vehicles confirmed that the next Nissan Leaf will have a 60-kWh battery pack. He did not elaborate on the possible timing or pricing for the new EV model from Nissan.

This is significant because the bigger battery capacity will allow a car like the Leaf to have around 200 miles of range. This is the magic number these days as both the upcoming 2017 Chevy Bolt and the Tesla Model 3 are targeting a similar range.

The 60-kWh battery would more than double the 24-kWh pack in the current Leaf. Naturally, it should translate to a driving range that is approximately doubled as well. The current 2016 Nissan Leaf has a range of up to 107 miles and starts at $29,100 before destination charges or any government credits.

The current Leaf has sold 4,967 cars over the first five months of 2016 in United States. The numbers are actually down compared to 2015. Having over 200 miles of electric range should relieve range anxiety for many consumers and make electric cars more popular.

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