TFLCar Talk and Behind the Scenes of TFLcar 2.0 [Video]

tflcar talk with nathan and andre

Thanks to the generous support of The Fast Lane’s patrons and subscribers, the team has acquired a new office space that also serves as a production studio and garage. Moving into a new office space is exciting, but the bigger news is that the space enables the team bring new ideas and shows into play.

Mega mashup reviews and “everything you ever wanted know” videos are our signature video series. But have you seen our new video series, Kickstart, where we buy, ride, and sell a motorcycle within 36 hours?

In this video we go behind the scenes to get a glimpse of the new office space, followed by an episode of TFLCar Talk with Andre and Nathan. Watch this video to find out what the TFLCar and TFLTruck team has planned in the near future, and what you can expect as we put some ambitious plans into motion.