Fierce Battle for Second Place Among Compact Crossovers [Sales Report]

2015 honda cr-v on snow and ice in colorado mountains
2015 Honda CR-V

While the Honda CR-V is still in the lead with a decent cushion, there is a fierce battle going on for top five sales spots among the compact crossovers in the United States. The CR-V shows a solid growth in the month of June with 8.5% improvement.

The next four are tied is a close competition if you look at the year-to-date (YTD) numbers. The Toyota RAV4 jumps into the second place with monthly sales of 24,843. The Chevy Equinox drops down to the fifth position with flat sales for the month.

The Ford Escape declines, but holds the third place for the month. The Nissan Rogue is again the best improved compact crossover with a huge 54.3% gain over June of last year. It is now in fourth place. The Jeep Cherokee continues significant growth and it is now the best selling Jeep in the United States when you look at the YTD numbers.

We are splitting out the ever-expanding sub-compact crossovers into its own report, and you can find it at

Compact Crossover – June 2015

June 2015 # June ’15 / ’14 % YTD 2015 # YTD ’15 / ’14 %
Honda CR-V 28,349 8.5% 163,018 5.4%
Chevrolet Equinox 21,760 0.1% 145,685 20.6%
Ford Escape 24,126 -3.9% 146,416 -4.2%
Toyota RAV4 24,843 15.1% 143,575 22.8%
Nissan Rogue 23,243 54.3% 135,397 36.3%
Jeep Cherokee 18,472 39.0% 105,426 31.0%
Subaru Forester 14,058 5.6% 80,828 8.6%
Mazda CX-5 9,373 18.0% 53,343 6.1%
GMC Terrain 8,211 -6.1% 54,410 7.3%


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Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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