Sub-Compact Crossovers: The Small Guys are Coming – April 2015 [Sales Report]


The Buick Encore is the best improved sub-compact crossover in the month of April 2015. The Jeep Patriot continues in the lead and it is the most improved year-to-date (YTD). The all-new Jeep Renegade jumps strait into fourth place in its first full month of sales. It has a lot of room to expand, and it will likely be limited by supply.

The sub-compact crossover segment is growing in number and reshaping itself. Can it even be called a “sub-compact” crossover segment? It’s not as easy to nail it down as you might think. The government determines the vehicles classes in various ways. The U.S. EPA classifies cars by interior volume. The European Commission makes the determination based on overall vehicle length.

We intend to add the following vehicles to this list in the near future as they go on sale: the 2016 Honda HR-V and the 2016 Mazda CX-3.

Does it make sense to have three Jeeps on this list? Jeep says the the Renegade is in the A-segment for crossovers as defined by vehicle length. The Patriot and the Compass are in the B-segment. However, the interior volumes among these three Jeeps is not too far off each other. The Renegade has EPA interior volume of 118.6 cu-ft. And the Jeep Compass is measured at 124 cu-ft. The EPA volume of the Subaru XV Crosstrek is 119.8 cu-ft.

All of these crossovers grew with the exception of the Nissan Juke, the little crossover that started it all.

Sub-Compact Crossover – April 2015

Apr 2015 # Apr ’15 / ’14 % YTD 2015 # YTD ’15 / ’14 %
Jeep Patriot 9,470 14.0% 39,162 36.0%
Subaru XV 6,936 22.2% 27,017 19.8%
Buick Encore 5,587 29.4% 19,623 30.5%
Jeep Renegade 4,214 NEW 5,157 NEW
Jeep Compass 4,124 -23.0% 18,530 -3.0%
Chevy Trax 3,451 NEW 13,137 NEW
Nissan Juke 2,433 -35.9% 9,455 -51.2%
total 36,215 132,081

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Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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