Own a Movie Car from James Bond, Batman, Fast and Furious, and More! [Sale]

1966, aston martin, db5, james bond
1966 Aston Martin DB5

You may think that owning a movie car is outside of your reach. Generally, you would be correct, but there are times when you can find a unique and fun movie car or a replica thereof for a more affordable price. Check out this cool Dezer Collection at The Miami Auto Museum. Yes, it includes many hyper-expensive movie cars, like the 1966 Aston Martin DB5 from a more recent James Bond movie – GoldenEye.

However, this collection has several other movie and TV series cars for sale at prices under $40,000.

You have to admit, the bullet-riddled Cadillac hearse from Terminator 3 is one mean ride. The description says that the Caddy still runs, drives, and has a functioning A/C. It has upgraded brakes and internal bracing for stunt work. The Terminator 3 hearse lists for $24,995.

Check out these other cool James Bond car for sale. The rest of these cars are more expensive but arguably cooler.

How about these cool rides? From Speed racer’s Mach 5 to the electrically powered Flintstones foot mobiles.

You can browse through the large inventory and contact the sellers at the Miami Auto Museum site.

Check out another fun place – the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, TN.