2015 Mustang Production Begins July 14th

2015 mustang

Are you eagerly awaiting the 2015 Ford Mustang to hit dealership lots so you can buy one? Maybe you already have an order in? Well, wait no longer. One of our inside sources for all things Mustang sent us news that production of the fastback begins in just four days, July 14th.

2015 mustang
2015 Mustang Launch Update

Job 1 builds out of Flat Rock, Michigan will begin on July 14th. The cars will slowly trickle to dealerships. As of now, dealerships will be able to officially sell them to customers on September 9th, 2014. For those looking at the convertible, their cars will be built in September and be purchasable on October 27th, 2014.

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What else does this slide tell us? Dealerships will start their training on the new models sometime in August. Consumer Activism events will also start sometime in the fourth quarter of this years. Those could be anything from local drive events to launch parties. Also, the media launch for the car will also occur in the fourth quarter. That is when we’ll start seeing commercials and other advertising. Hopefully, we’ll have seat time in the car before then, though.

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Stay tuned for more updates, and in the meantime check out our video about what you need to know about the 2015 Mustang!

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