Quick Take Op/Ed: Cool American car names must be abbreviate-able

The new 2015 Ford Stang debuts in Cali
The new 2015 Ford Stang debuts in Cali

There’s no doubt that cool American car names must be abbreviate-able.

OK, so perhaps abbreviate-able is not a word but think about some of the very coolest and most iconic American car names.

For instance….Mustang.

If your buddy buys a new or old Mustang chances are you might say to him or her.

“Dude, what a cool new Stang.”

How about if he or she pops a bit more cash for a Chevrolet Corvette.

Yup, that would be a really cool Chevy Vette.

Of course if your buddy is more into classic cars he or she might buy a Ford Thunderbird.

You would of course be properly impressed by this classic America T-Bird.

But what if your friend goes to the Lincoln dealerships and brings home a shiny new  Lincoln MKZ.

Saying, “that’s a cool KZ (or worse yet Z)” certainly doesn’t work. Or how about if he or she brings home a Cadillac ATS. How do you even begin to abbreviate this car name.

AT or TS?

Nope, the proper ‘Merican way is to just say, “That one cool Caddy”.

Can you think of any more cool abbreviate-able car names? Please let us know in the comments below.

Plus, you can check out the new 2015 Ford Stang debut in Cali below.

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