Geneva Motor Show: Lamborghini Veneno is a Real Life Venomous Decepticon

lamborghini veneno geneva hyper exotic car concept
This view of the Veneno will scare small children. No need to start the engine.

Just when you thought last year’s Lamborghini Aventador J was the craziest design dreamed up in the Bologna province – they come out with this Lamborghini Veneno to celebrate company’s 50th birthday.  Just as with the J, the Veneno is also based on the Aventador chassis.  This year’s show stopper is powered by a tweaked version of the 6.5 liter V12 good for 740 horsepower.

The name Veneno means “venom” in Spanish, but this car can bite you in more ways than one.  It’s constructed almost entirely of carbon fiber with the exception of the aluminum subframes.  Most of the crazy body panels are made of CarbonSkin – a carbon based fabric material.  All the high tech materials and technology make the Veneno weigh 275 pounds less than a mere mortal Aventador.

lamborghini veneno geneva roof

Basically, what you have here is a light weight and more powerful, Aventador based, aerodynamically sculpted, limited production street legal race car.  Yep, this car will be for sale.  However, don’t get you hopes up.  Lamborghini will only build three examples of the Veneno.  Estimated price per car is $3.9 Million.  And naturally, all three yet-to-be-produced cars are already sold.

And here is TFLcar visiting with Lamborghini’s own Valentino Balboni at the Lamborghini factory

Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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