February Automotive Manufacturer Sales Numbers Are In

Infiniti Q501It’s the beginning of another month, so automotive manufacturers are releasing the sales reports for the previous month. As the numbers are released, I’ve been keeping score of how each company is doing. Of particular note, Nissan, Infiniti and Audi have some interesting stories to tell. Read on to see how they performed.

With an economy that has been knocked down and struggling to get back up ever since, it seems surprising that the more expensive the car is, the better it has been selling — well, for the most part. Audi, with their cheapest model starting at $27,270 (the A3),  saw their numbers continue to improve for the 26th month in a row, setting another company sales record. For the month of February, the four ringed logo found its way into 10,877 driveways. An impressive amount of those vehicles weren’t even the entry model A3. Instead, they were of the SUV variety. According to an official statement from the folks at Audi USA, “Audi luxury SUVs met a significant boost in demand in February, as the Audi Q7 more than doubled its sales with a 147% sales gain, and the Audi Q5 registered 57% higher sales. The Q5 crossover vehicle now ranks as the best-selling model in the brand lineup.”

On the other side of the affordability coin, the more cost conscious brand — Nissan — had a bad month. The Japanese manufacturer reported sales today of 99,636 units. Technically, that is almost nine times more units than Audi’s February sales, however it is bad news for the Altima manufacturer, as the sales figure is down 6.6 percent from last year’s record-setting February total of 106,731.

According to Nissan North America’s announcement, “Nissan Division sales in February totaled 90,489, down 7.2 percent from the prior year, which also set a February record. Infiniti deliveries totaled 9,147, down 1 percent from last February.”

Check out this video of Audi’s #1 February seller taking on a Toyota Sequoia…

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