MINI Cooper D Convertible: German topless and a clean conscious

This MINI Cooper D Convertible is one clean oil-burner!

The Fast Lane Car’s Top Ten Most Fun to Drive Cars for 2013 includes the 2013 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible. The VW Beetle Convertible  only had one real competitor, the MINI Cooper Convertible, but it was disqualified given the last one drive by our staff was a 2010 model. With that said, I was pleased to see the MINI Cooper D Convertible getting some love from the ÖKOTREND Institute for Environmental Research. The MINI Cooper D (diesel – something we DON’T get) Convertible took the top slot as the most environmentally friendly vehicle in the convertible category.

Yay MINI! Now give North America this clean diesel! Schnell!

I always knew the MINI represented more tech than the average small car. What’s interesting to me  is that the diesel, the vehicle awarded by the ÖKOTREND Institute for Environmental Research, is – on the surface – a fun and frivolous machine. I mean, it’s a zippy MINI Convertible, not a vehicle one would equate with environmental cleanliness.

“The excellent balance between driving enjoyment and fuel consumption is achieved through systematically optimised engine design and extensive use of MINIMALISM technology. The standard equipment of the MINI Cooper D Convertible includes Brake Energy Regeneration, the Auto Start-Stop function and the Shift Point Display. Further features which increase fuel efficiency include electromechanical power steering, on-demand operation of ancillary units, and improved weight and aerodynamics. MINIMALISM features are standard on all current MINI models. As a result, 14 models from this British brand already have CO2 emissions of less than 120 grams per kilometre. Extensive use of MINIMALISM technology is fully in line with the BMW Group’s corporate strategy, which has long been geared to the principles of sustainability. This strategy has helped the BMW Group regularly achieve excellent results in independent third-party assessments. Earlier this year, for example, the BMW Group was named the world’s most sustainable automotive manufacturer in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the eighth year running.” – – BMW Group Media

As happy as I am for BMW and MINI, I can’t help but feel that not having the diesel here is a wasted opportunity. I hear nothing but glowing reports from my overseas automotive cohorts  about the MINI D. The potential for lowering BMW’s CAFE numbers should be an enticing prospect. Let’s hope BMW and MINI send us this award-winning powerplant.

According to MINI – “AUTO TEST magazine publishes latest environmental rankings list – MINI Cooper D Convertible is most eco-friendly open-top model on the German market.”

I bet you the MINI Cooper D Convertible would win in our market too.

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