Classics Revealed: Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe

Classics Revealed: Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe

The Shelby Daytona is one of the world’s most stunning and sexy race cars.

In this exclusive TFLcar video we visit Superformace in Southern California to check our their version of this iconic car that was blessed and modified by Carroll Shelby himself.

The Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe is a pure race car that’s has the distinction of being one of last cars that Carroll Shelby drove.

Check out this video as we get your up close and personal with the car and the man.

Editor’s note: Okay folks, you got me. I cannot deny my absolute wanton desire for this very vehicle. I usually am cryptic about what I truly want, but not in this case. We are talking about a vehicle that has super-car ability, comfortable trimmings and a street presence that’s beyond amazing.

I mean, what you’re basically looking at is the equivalent of a Corvette GS or a Ford GT- except this Daytona is more unique.

Considering the woeful state of my finances, spending about $120,000 for one of these is out of the question. Still, considering what you get for the money, the Shelby Daytona is a bit of a bargain (unless you’re buying the all-aluminum $200,000, hand made version). It is everything I love about big, American muscle in a sharp driving platform. I simply love it.

So, if you’re a fan and want to make my day… I would like one with the six-speed manual in BRG green – no decals.

What color would you get?