Classics Revealed: 1960 Volkswagen Beetle Jolly Concept Car

1960 Volkswagen Beetle Jolly Concept Car

Does this cute VW look Jolly to you? If so…that’s because it is jolly and it is the only VW Jolly in the world.

This 1960 one-off Volkswagen Beetle Jolly Concept Car was designed by Carrozzeria Ghia and built by Karmann back in 1960 as a beach run-about.

It features a 30 hp 1.1-liter flat-four and weights only 1,411 lbs making it ultra cute and very light.

Most of the time it lives in Volkswagen’s Osnabrück Automobile Collection but recently we caught up with the car as it was sunny itself on vacation in Southern, California.

In another exclusive TFLcar classic revealed video we get to know this extremely rare Jolly.

Editor’s Note: Unlike some competing automotive periodicals, we love old Volkswagen Beetles. I feel they represent the purist form of automotive engineering. The original VW Bug is a very straightforward design that’s easy to learn and a snap to work on.

Old, rough Volkswagen Beetles are still cheap to acquire with new and refurbished parts easy to purchase. If you ever wanted to teach or learn about cars, rebuilding a Beetle is a brilliant way to start. One of the first cars I worked on was a 1970’s Super Beetle that my friend and I converted into a Baja Bug – when I was 14.

Perhaps someone will grab a 1960’s Bug and convert it into a  Beetle Jolly Concept Car.