2012 LA Auto Show: BMW remains committed to Electric Future with BMW i3 and i8

bmw i3 and i8 la auto show
BMW i3 Coupe and i8 Roadster Concepts at the 2012 LA Auto Show

BMW reminds us that the “Future is closer than you think” with the display of the BMW i3 Coupe and i8 Electric super car at the 2012 LA Auto Show.  The i3 Coupe concept unveiled today makes a statement that electric cars can be stylish and practical.  This iteration of the i3 family of cars also looks more production ready than ever before.

la auto show bmw i3 coupe concept interior
BMW i3 Coupe Concept Interior – a nice place to be!

The i3 Coupe Concept uses a 170 hp electric motor to power the rear wheels.  The lithium ion battery back is placed low in the floor for best weight distribution.The i8 Roadster Concept pushes the electric fun factor to the maximum. The i8 uses BMW eDrive system that combines a turbocharged combustion engine with an electric motor and battery for a combined 354 hp.

bmw i3 and i8 roadster la auto show
BMW i8 Roadster Concept at the 2012 LA Auto Show
bmw i8 concept interior
BMW i8 Roadster Concept interior

Please enjoy this TFLcar show reveal video, where Roman takes you inside the BMW Press Conference


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