Video Review: Top 5 Fun Facts you probably don’t know about the 2011 KIA Sporatge


The 2011 KIA Sportage Turbo is a small crossover that with a all-wheel-drive and a 260 horsepower turbo.

But you probably already knew that, but did you know that the KIA’s turn signals are up-side-down?

This may seem odd but 2011 KIA Sportage Turbo is a very unique car. It is available with a giant panoramic sunroof, heated and cooled seat (that’s right seat) and perhaps most interesting of all it will blow the doors off many sports cars in a drag race.

In fact the 2011 KIA Sportage Turbo is the fastest KIA sold in America.

We recently had the chance to drive the Sportage Turbo both on and off-road and we came away impressed at the tidy package and unique styling.

Check out this first drive review as we reveal five fun facts about the KIA Sportage that you didn’t know.

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