Jurassic Jeeps gone wild: What it means when a Jeep is Trail Rated


Have you ever wondered what it means when a Jeep is wears the ‘Trail Rated’ badge?

Wonder no longer.

We recently check out the new line-up of 2011 Jeeps in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and probably like many, we were curious as to what it means when a Jeep is Trail Rated.

All of the Jeeps we drove were ‘Trail Rated’ and that included the Wrangler, Liberty, Grand Cherokee, Patriot and of course the new redesigned Compass.

According to Jeep the ‘Trail Rated’ badge means that car meets their criteria for:

  • Flexibility on the trail
  • Articulation
  • Traction
  • Maneuverability
  • Escapability
  • Durability

But why not just watch the video below to see the 2011 ‘Trail Rated’ Jeeps in their natural environment. and learn more about how Jeep decides which ones get the ‘Trail Rated’ badge.

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